Surf Board Repair Kits

Looking for a one-stop shop for surfboard repair kits. Here you will find all the major brand surfboard repair kits, as well as some smaller vendors. There are travel surfboard repair kits, as well as full size kits for major surfboard repair products. Feel free to browse through vendors like ding all, solarez, and phixdoctor.

Surfing is not for the faint of heart, you can either battle Mother Nature or work with her. Unfortunately even when working with her she still can have a mean left hook, leaving you wondering just what happened to your surf board. Thankfully surf board repair kits  exist help you extend the life of your board without needing costly repairs from the professionals.

Looking around online you can see there are a lot of options for surf board repair but you need to be really careful to get a quality brand. If you’re going to put the effort into the repairs, you’re going to want something that will be worth your time, right? Ding All, PhixDoctor and Solarez are a few surf board repair kits to look into. Consider buying the kit first instead of buying each item outright, it will provide you with everything you may need to start your repairs and save you money. Each brand has different styles of surf board repair kits  such as, epoxy, polyester and sun cured.

When using these kits remember to read through all the instructions before beginning. Working with chemicals that are meant to harden means you won’t always have time to reread the instructions for missed steps during the surf board repair. Make sure your work area is clean, many of the kits will harden clear and any particles that might get mixed in will be easy to see.

Another thing to consider is let the repair harden for the full amount of time. Trying to sand it down early could cause further damage to the board, cause deep sanding lines or cause the sandpaper to stick.

Also consider watching videos on youtube by your repair kits company and even fellow surfers. Many times someone is very willing to share any tricks they have learned so you too can have a successful surf board repair experience.

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