Surfing lovers undoubtedly do understand the frustrations that come along when you are out surfing and then you are slammed into the hard beach terrain by an unforgiving mountainous wave or you crash into a fellow surfer’s board. Even though crashes are not the only factors contributing to your predicaments, a smart surfer should always be armed with a convenient surfboard repair kit to handle any emergencies. Furthermore, one should always be up to date with new tips and tricks to efficiently guide them on how to make their surfboards last longer.The key to a successful surfboard repair in the case of a breakage, is first understanding what your surf board is made of. You should note that there is the polyester resin and the epoxy surfboard types in the market. Never mix polystyrene core of an epoxy surf board with the polyester resin as from basic Chemistry, the resin corrodes the polystyrene core.Repairing splits and fracturesWhen the protective fiberglass layer of your surfboard shatters either at the rail or anywhere else, it’s best advised to let it dry first if the crack is big and then slightly smoothen the exposed edges before taping the broken edge with an efficient masking tape that doesn’t soak in water. Resin should then be carefully applied and left to dry. When dry, remove the tape and lightly smooth en the edges again with a sand paper. Large breakages should be handled by a professional as it’s complex to handle.Making the best paint choice for your surfboardYour surfboard repair kit should be equipped with not only appropriate spray paint for your board but also a compelling color taste for you. Spray paints are the most appropriate to use owing to the quick drying capability.The choice of color is broad basing on ones preference but be sure to design the image or graffiti to feature on your board to avoid disappointments.Fin plug repairsUnscrew and replace any defective fin control system as it’s an important surfing requirement for both your safety and durability of the surf board.These 3 basic quick fixes are undoubtedly a plus to your surfing experience if applied. Enjoy.

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