How many of you have been to the beach, and thought, “Wow I would love to bbq’ing up some chicken legs right now.” Grab some lawrys and some drinks and you’re good to go. This section is made specifically for those people who want to bbq at the beach. You will find a selection of portable and easy to carry barbeques perfect for the beach. Hence naming the section beach bbq’s!

When you are out there, and all alone. Or with your friends. A bbq, is a must have no matter what. You can’t go wrong with a bbq. Weather it be weber or a broil king bbq. Your still gonna be able to get ‘er done. My favorite at the beach to bbq is. Just plain ole drumsticks from walmart with a lot of lawrys. Perfect for the bbq at the beach and everyone loves it. I prefer a smaller bbq that can be transported and walked down some stairs. I still lug down a huge bbq though and everyone else normally doesnt have a bbq with them at the beach. So I look like I am prepared for the beach bbq, and have people fishing ask me to bbq there fish if they catch any at all. If you dont how to bbq, dont worry its really easy. Especially with propane bbq setups, all you have do is press a button on the bbq and flip your meat as needed. Then you can eat fresh bbq food right there on the beach. While others have to bring sandwiches, which arent as cool as freshly cooked bbq’d food. I have added a wide range of very cool bbq’s in this section. As I love to bbq on the beach, and I know anyone else would love to bbq if not already doing it. Plus you can bbq just about anywhere you want, and its very healthy to eat food fresh from the bbq vs bringing some old chicken nuggets or little snacks like gold fish and celery.

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