While surfboards originated in Hawaiian Islands they are more popular today across the globe as more surfers around the world use it for surfing. Surfboards usually have to take on plenty of obstacles both in the water and on the land and therefore there are chances that your surfboard may need some repair on a regular basis. While it is recommended that you replace your surfboard if there is any major damage, but you can still go ahead with minor surfboard repair to ensure that you don’t spend too much of money on repairs. Here we take a quick look at some handy tips and tricks that allows you to handle the repair jobs on your own.

Use the Right Products – It is important that you use the right surfboard repair products available in the market. However, before you do that you need to know if your surfboard is epoxy or fiberglass. Using fiberglass surfboard repair products for epoxy board can damage the quality and erode the blank and it will gradually damage your board. If there are minor bumps and bangs you need to use the right repair kits that can resolve your surfboard problem.
Keep Your Surfboard Dry – Even before you start using the surfboard repair kit you must be sure that your surfboard is dry. You can press the board around some cracks and see if any water seeps out. This will help you to seal the board in the right way and also ensure that there is no water left inside that can erode the board. You can keep your surfboard out in the sun to dry before you repair it.

Use the Shade – Repairing your surfboard right under the sunlight or on a rainy day isn’t a great way to do it. Most surfboard repair products won’t work well if you are not applying it under a shade. Once you have done the repair you can keep it out in the sun again to dry it up.

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